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I was born in Palm Springs, California a while ago and raised in San Diego. I got my MFA at Rutgers University I always felt that I was meant to make Art, but wasnt until the last 2 years that I dedicated full time to Art. I paint on average 12 hours a day, about 330 days a year, and being in the studio so much is bliss.
I have always been drawn to the pool in my art. Metaphorically, its filled with water, and so are we - Body fluids and cleanliness were a jumping of point for this current series. Those who are inside the pool and those who are outside and the different viewpoints and the views are often distorted ones - just like the conservative views of the gay community, and vice versa. I love distortion and so it is a frequent part of my work and I enjoy pushing the abstract shapes that occur in water environments. Pool cleaners hum around working to make the water crystal clear like Prep and meds do within our veins. The pool is another world that is part of the world around it - just like the gay community is an integral part of the overall society. The water in the pool and us has been shared by every other living being since the water developed here - there is a history to it.

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